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Mammoth Tooth
Hand Pick your Knife online! As the Mammoth Tooth series are released by WR Case we will post each knife's image online for you to choose. Just watch for the "Hand Pick Your Knife" Button as they become available…

Composed of compressed enamel plates, the mammoth tooth is one of the most unique unknown features of the bizarre prehistoric animal. From the side, the teeth resemble an extended accordion and from the top appear to have a "washboard-like" surface used for grinding up their diet of tough grasses and thick vegetation. Over time, this intense grinding wears down the enamel plates creating a pattern unique to each tooth. This extraordinary one-of-a-kind look has been captured in Shepherd Hills' Exclusive Mammoth Tooth Series of Case Knives. No two knives look the same, resulting in a one-of-a-kind work of art you can treasure for a lifetime.
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Quantity Produced: 150
Item #6851 - (EX254 SS)
Length Closed: 4 1/8
Our Price: $341.98
Limited Availability
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