Buying Case XX Knives to Use

Buying Case XX Knives to Use

Case XX knives have earned the reputation of dependability and long-lasting use.
We continually hear stories of Case XX that have been carried and used on a daily basis for 30+ years.  Now, that’s a fine return on your investment !

One of the first considerations  needing to be made is what kind of steel best fits your needs.  Typically, Case XX comes in two types of steel— stainless (surgical) or  chrome vanadium (carbon) steel, although sometimes offerings are made in ATS-34 steel…so let’s take a look at all three:

Stainless (Surgical) Steel
By far the most popular steel in Case XX, stainless steel will hold its edge longer than conventional steel and is very resistant to corrosion.  In addition , it is an extremely strong steel.  Look for the “SS” in the pattern number, marking knives as being made with stainless steel.

Chrome Vanadium Steel
Known as  the “old carbon steel”, one of the most common reasons someone buys a   Case XX with chrome vanadium blades is because they can be re-sharpened so easily.  A quick touch-up on a sharpening device will bring back the original sharp edge on a chrome vanadium blade.  Many users who require repeated use of their knife throughout the day prefer chrome vanadium because of the ease of getting that sharp edge in just a little bit of time.  Because of the high carbon content, extra care is needed to maintain the finish of the steel.   Keeping a thin film of oil applied is the best way to achieve that. Look for the “CV” in the pattern number of the knife marking it as a Chrome Vanadium steel.


ATS-34 Steel
A premium steel, ATS-34 is the best in holding an edge in the stainless steel family.
A little harder to re-sharpen perhaps, but needs to be re-sharpened less due to its edge retention properties.


Of course  you will want to consider other factors like

  • What size knife are you comfortable with in your pocket ?
  • Would a sheath clipped on my belt be a consideration ?
  • Do you need more than one blade ?
  • Do you need a brightly colored knife to make it easier to locate if you lay it down or drop it in the grass ?


Case XX knives are made of the finest materials and manufactured in the U.S.A. 
Built to last, you can expect to get many, many years of use from your Case XX.

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